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Lash'd Up just natural i woke up this way 2 magnets magnetic official website curved

Natural - i woke up this way 2.0

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i woke up this way Magnetic Eyelashes are designed to be natural looking, lightweight, comfortable and super-easy to apply. They feel like you are not wearing false lashes. Wear them and minutes later forget you have them on. Perfect for everyday wear. They also stay comfortable with eyeglasses. Handmade with Premium Silk.
  • CURVED LASH AND HAIRS - Curved and easily-bendable lash band to align with your eyeshape plus already curved hairs so you don't need to use lash curlers on it - improving its longevity.
  • REUSABLE - These are magnetic hence do not use damaging glue, which makes them last longer and are also gentler on your natural eyelashes.
  • EASIER APPLICATION- The 2 magnet strips replace the long bottom lash. This makes for super fast and easier application compared to full strip bottom lashes.
  • NO UNCOMFORTABLE "WORM UNDER EYE" FEELING - Magnetic Eyelashes with one long bottom lash placed under your top lash get in the field of vision of your eyes, feeling like a worm hanging from your natural eyelashes. Lash'd Up lashes have no strip in the middle area, making them very comfortable and lightweight feeling.
  • STRONG MAGNETS - Exude confidence knowing your magnet lashes will stay put all day (and night) long!
  • 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Order now and enjoy a worry-free satisfaction guarantee or your money back!
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