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Just Natural (i woke up this way) Lashes & Magnetic Eyeliner 2.0

Lash'd Up

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  • FDA-APPROVED & CLINICALLY TESTED - All ingredients used in Lash'd Up Magnetic Liner and Lashes Kit are FDA-approved. In addition to using FDA-Approved ingredients, Lash'd Up conducted additional rigorous clinical tests on Lash'd Up Magnetic Eyeliners before bringing them to market to ensure they will not cause any harm to your eyes. Other brands do not do this.
  • DOES NOT RUN INTO EYES - Lash'd Up liquid eyeliners are thick and velvety, meaning they apply smoothly and do not run into your eyes like thinner eyeliners do.
  • STAY ALL DAY & WATERPROOF - Our Magnetic Eyeliners stay put all day and are waterproof. Use oil-based makeup-removers to remove properly.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR REFUND - Lash'd Up offers 30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back through Amazon. For refunds, contact Amazon Customer Service.


The Lash'd Up Challenge

Unsure whether to buy Lash'd Up or another magnetic eyelash brand? Try both! If you tried both and preferred the other brand, we will refund your Lash'd Up order*.

*Applies to 1 item per customer per order