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About Us

 We are all girls who hate how messy glue eyelashes get; some of us are even allergic to glue. We think magnet lashes are an amazing option for those who are allergic to glue or simply hate the mess glue creates. But we soon realized the magnet lashes out there are just badly made and plagued with issues. So, our starting philosophy has been to create the best magnet lashes, eliminate issues seen in other magnetic eyelashes and up the quality.

We looked really hard but could not find any magnet eyelashes being sold by the top competitors that had the high quality and polished design of the leading glue eyelashes. So we thought, why not resolve issues, bring the best magnet eyelashes and add in the quality of today's leading glue eyelashes? And that's when our brand was born.

As a result, we set a new bar for lash designers to follow in designing magnetic eyelashes.


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