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HOW TO APPLY - No Magnetic Eyeliner Needed Magnetic Lashes (Top Bottom System)

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    1. Before removing the eyelashes from the box, please read all the instructions below at least once to understand the application process.
    2. While Lash’d Up magnetic eyelashes are the better than other magnetic eyelashes on the market, magnetic eyelashes in general, including Lash’d Up, are Not meant to be “easier” or “quicker” to apply compared to glue eyelashes, especially for the first application. They are offered as an alternative to glue eyelashes for those who are allergic or simply dislike the mess glue creates. For some they may be a good alternative, for others not. Remember that you will be able to see magnets if you look closely and are looking for them, just like you will be able to see somebody is wearing glue fake eyelashes if you look closely. Also, as with glue lashes, you will feel like you are wearing something on your eyes. We advise to do your first try when you have some free time and Not to wait until the day of an event to try them on for the first time.
    3. If you are planning to apply makeup, it is advised to apply eyelashes after all other makeup application.
    4. Before application, curl your natural lashes and apply some mascara to them. This gives some texture for the magnets to grip. Curling your lashes is recommended to avoid the "disconnect" between the falsies and your natural lashes. This step is optional.
    5. The bottom pieces are small and are the most comfortable because they are so small. However, being so small, they are easily lost. Before starting your application, please make sure you choose a place where they won’t get lost when dropped. For this reason we advise doing so sitting at a desk with a magnifying mirror or at a large sink with a light-colored towel covering the drain.
    6. Before taking the lashes out of the box, please wash your hands. Greasy fingers will make application very difficult.
    7. When taking them out of the package, please avoid tugging on the hairs to avoid damaging them. Instead, pull them out by sticking your nail underneath the magnet and detaching it from the box one magnet at a time. Also, make sure that all the bottom pieces are detached from the full lashes (they may have moved around and magnetized to each other).
    8. Before application, bend the top lash band to get a nice curve to it so it follows the natural curve of your eyes. You can bend it as much as you need until you get a satisfactory curve. However, do not make too much of a dramatic curve as that will make the lashes stick up in the middle.
    9. Trimming instructions:
    • Take one of the top lash strips in your fingers and visually inspect it closely. With precision scissors, cut any band that’s extending past lash hairs. Careful here; band extending past the magnets is by design and must not be cut at this point; you are only cutting band edges that don’t have hair on them that could poke you. See picture below. Also cut any lash hairs that may be bent that may also poke you. Do this with the rest of the lashes and especially with the small bottom strips. The bottom strips sit very close to your eyes and it is important to cut any hairs that could be poking you.rough edges trim
    • Position the lashes on your lashline to see if they need to be trimmed. Do not position too close to your nose, the magnets need your own natural lash hairs to secure to.
    • Holding the lashes in place, look at the outer corner to judge whether or not they will need to be trimmed. If you have small eyes, one or both edge may need to be trimmed off (but only up to the magnets. Do not cut off the magnets!). If you only need to trim one edge, we recommend starting with the inner corner. If you are unsure, you can trim later: do the application first, see how they feel, if they feel uncomfortable, you can then trim them. 


    10. Lash’d Up magnetic lashes are designed to have one corner secured at a time. This design makes application easier compared to other brands of magnetic eyelashes which have one full top lash and one full bottom lash that need to be positioned in a way to have all magnets magnetize at the same time. Our design also makes it easier to get them to curve along your lashline and to get them as close to your lashline as possible. Remember that even though our magnetic eyelashes are the best on the market among other magnetic lashes, it doesn’t mean magnetic eyelashes are going to be perfectly aligned to the lashline for your application. Practice will makes application better over time. Start with the inner corner. Place the full top lashes on top of your lashes on the corresponding eye. The lashes are curved upwards and the magnets face downwards.

    11. Leave it there and take the bottom strip for the inner edge. Find the magnet on the bottom strip; remember when bringing it up that the magnet on the bottom strip should be facing upwards when it magnetizes to the top lash magnet. The lash hairs on the bottom strip are curved upwards. With one hand, position the top lash so that the inner edge of the top lash is aligned with the inner edge of your lashline. Remember that magnetic lashes need to "clip" onto your own natural lashes. On the inner edge, your lashes will be less dense, hence please align the lashes a few mm further in, where there will be more hair to "clip" onto.

    12. Bring the bottom strip up until they are close to the top strip magnet but Not close enough for the magnets to attract yet. Holding the bottom strip still, with the other hand, use your finger to gently press the inner corner of the top lash on your eyelid and at the same time slide that inner corner of the lash a few millimeters upwards on your eyelid (away from your lashline) and hold it there. Now, bring the bottom strip “inwards” towards your eye until it is just about to poke your eye but not yet. At the same time, bring that it upwards so that it is touching your lashline underneath your lashes and as close to the lashline as possible (so upwards and inwards with the small strip). The top lash magnet should be far enough from your lashline so that they are not magnetizing. This will allow the bottom strip to be positioned right underneath your lashline (roots of your lashes) without magnetizing to the top lashes before it is in position. Now with the finger that was pressing on and holding the top lash inner corner away from your lashline, slide that corner downward on the eyelid until it reaches the lashline and the two magnetize. This step is helpful to get the lashes to magnetize as close to your lashline as possible. The positioning of the bottom strip close to the lashline and the sliding of the top lash corner on the eyelid down to the lashline are crucial to achieving the perfect lashline fit. Take your time to re-read and practise this step if getting the lashes close to the lashline is important to you. It may help to tilt your head to one side while doing this to get an unobstructed view of the magnets aligning.

    13. With the top strip now held by the one corner, repeat this step with the outer corner magnet. Before the outer corner magnetizes in place, make sure the middle section is not sticking up by either gently pulling on the outer corner or by pressing down gently on the middle section before magnetizing.

    14. If the middle section still sticks up, try pressing down gently on the middle section to move it into place, or apply the middle magnet before the other corner magnet.

    15. Important: If you experience the "worm in eye" feeling or discomfort with all the 3-magnets connected, we recommend removing the middle bottom piece and wearing the lashes with just the 2 corner pieces. Save the middle piece as spare in case you lose any.

    16. If you experience discomfort, one reason could be because your eyelid skin is trapped by the magnet. Gently pull up your eyelids with your fingers while holding down the magnets to release them from the magnets.

    17. If the eyelashes are poking you, make sure you followed the “trimming instructions” described earlier. If you already followed the instructions but they are still poking you in the inner corner, we recommend trimming the band in the inner corner up to the magnet (but do not cut off the inner magnet!) and then applying them closer to the outer edge.


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