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HOW TO APPLY - The Magic Liner

Eyeliner dried out? Please access our instructions on activating your eyeliner here.


To ensure proper application, please read the instructions below.


The Magic Liner does not work with magnetic eyelashes. Please use with regular false lashes.
The Magic Liner works with all regular lashes, but we do not recommend "invisible band" lashes if you want more staying power. Eyelashes tested to work well can be purchased from here.
The steps in pink are specific to the Magic Liner. The steps in black are for any falsies application and are meant to be followed as well. If you are a false eyelash pro, you can skip the steps in black.

How to apply

1. Shake the pen well.
IMPORTANT: Wipe your eyelids clean or cleanse and wipe your eyelids dry. If you skip this step, your lashes will not stay on.
2. It is recommended to do your eye makeup before your face makeup. Apply the magic liner after doing your eye makeup but before your face makeup because you need to allow for some drying time after applying the magic liner.
2. To avoid the "disconnect" between your natural lashes and your falsies, curl your natural lashes using eyelash curlers. You can also apply mascara.
3. Watch the video below to remove your lashes from the tray without damaging them.
4. Trim any lash band that is sticking past the lash hairs on the edges on both sides. Leaving the excess band will cause them to poke you and create discomfort.
5. Next step is to trim the lashes according to each of your eyes' sizes. Discomfort may be experienced if not trimmed properly. Place the lashes on your lashline to estimate the amount to trim. Don't place the lashes too close to the inner corner of your eye, and don't place it where the small hairs on your lashline start either. Place it about 1/4 inch after the small lashline hairs start. If your lashes are too close to your inner eye hood, they will come off from rubbing on your inner eye hood, and will make for an uncomfortable wear. Then trim the lashes, starting from the outer corner if you want a more natural look, or from the inner corner if you want a more dramatic look. Everyone's right and left eyes are not exactly the same, so trim each lash according to the eye it's going on. Additionally, the longer the lash hairs, the more likely they are to create discomfort on the inner corners, hence place them further away from the inner corner.
6. Optional: For a more comfortable wear, or as a troubleshooting step, try cutting your lashes in 2 sections and then applying them.
7. Bend your lashes for a few seconds to give them a nice curve. The more curve the better. This will make them curve with your eye shape and prevent them from sticking out.
8. Give the eyeliner another shake, open the cap and line your lashline on the first eye, tilt the pen a bit and draw a line that's about 2mm thick. You want the line to be at least as thick as your false lash band from edge to edge so the lash band has enough to stick on. Line as close to the lashline as possible because this is where you want your falsies to stick. Fill any empty spots, and focus on the corners, ensuring the corners are well lined all the way.
8. Line the second eye.
9. Wait 1 full minute for the liner to dry. By the time you are done lining the second eye, 1 minute would likely have passed since you lined the first eye. If that's the case, apply the lashes on the first eye. Press down on the band from edge to edge to secure until you feel confident it is secured in place. 
9. By the time you apply the lashes on the first side, the second side will likely have 20 seconds left for the full minute to pass. Wait 20 seconds, then apply the lashes on the second side.
12. Gently squeeze your falsies and your lashes at the roots together throughout your lashline for about 10 seconds to set them in place.
If you remove your lashes during the day, the magic liner will need to be re-applied for your lashes to stick again.

How to remove

1. Peel off the false lashes.
2. Coat the liner with oil or waterproof makeup remover.
3. Soak some cotton swabs in micellar water or makeup remover.
4. Wipe or "erase" the liner with the soaked cotton swabs until mostly erased.
5. Finish off with your usual makeup removing routine to remove any remaining residues.
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