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Magnetic Eyeliner Instructions

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  • Before removing the eyelashes from the box, please read all the instructions below at least once to understand the application process. It is long and detailed because details can make or break the application. You may customize the application based on what works for you.
  • The eyeliner may seem dry when opened. This is normal; it is due to the high concentration of magnetic particles. We made this decision because we wanted our customers to feel confident their lashes will stay put.
  • When applied on the eyeliner, the lash magnets will get coated in the eyeliner. This reduces the strength of the magnets. Hence is important for the lash magnets to be clean when applied for a secure hold. Inspect the magnets closely to ensure there is no eyeliner residue covering them.
  • Please be advised that our magnetic eyeliner will only work with the lashes included in the box or Lash’d Up lashes with 5 magnets. They do not work properly with our lashes made to work as the “sandwich technique”. We also cannot guarantee they will work with other brands eyelashes.
  • Bend the top lash band to get a nice curve to it so it follows the natural curve of your eyes. You can bend it as much as you need until you get a satisfactory curve. However, do not make too much of a dramatic curve as that will make the lashes stick up in the middle.
  • Take one of the top lash strips in your fingers and visually inspect it closely. With precision scissors, cut any band that’s extending past lash hairs. Careful here; band extending past the magnets is by design and must not be cut at this point; you are only cutting band edges that don’t have hair on them that could poke you. See picture below. Also cut any lash hairs that may be bent that may also poke you. Repeat with the other lashes.trim rought edges
  • Hold one of the lashes up to the corresponding eye and align the outer edge with the outer corner of your eye. See how far towards the inner corner the lashes extend in order to judge how far in you will need to apply the magnetic eyeliner. False lashes should not be covering the 1 cm or so of the inner corner of your eyes where lashes are not visible. If you need to trim, remember that when you trim one magnet off, that edge may stick up, hence when doing this, trim close to the next magnet so that the next magnet is close enough to the edge to keep that edge down. Careful here, you cannot take back what’s been trimmed.
  • Wipe/Clean your lashline & pat dry. Oils on your lashline will cause the magnetic micro-particles to peel away from your lashline.
  • Shake the eyeliner bottle well 10 times before opening. Apply the eyeliner on your lashline. 
  • The eyelashes need more pull close to the lashline and very especially on the 2 corners of your eyes, hence we recommend applying the eyeliner very close to the roots of your lashes, and even applying to the roots of your actual lashes at these 2 corners. Make sure to focus on these 2 corners where the edge magnets will stick. Make the line at least 1 mm thick. Allow the eyeliner to dry (about 2 minutes). Apply a 2nd coat and allow to dry, 2 minutes. 
  • Optional: Curl your natural lashes using eyelash curlers. We advise doing this to avoid the “droppy” look or the “disconnected” look between your natural lashes and the false lashes. You may not need to do this depending how curled your lashes are naturally as well as how much curl the false lashes have, which depends on which style you are wearing.
  • You must carry out a dry test before applying your eyeliner. Pat on the eyeliner with clean fingers to feel if the liner is completely dry or still wet.
  • After the eyeliner is completely dry, hold one of the eyelashes vertically, aligning the outer corner with the corresponding eye's outer corner. Holding it vertically will allow you to "magnetize" the outer corner first, hold that corner in place, and slowly place the lash down the whole way across your eyes. The reason we do this is so we place the lashes right the first time and we don't have to reposition the lashes.
  • If they magnetized but need to be repositioned, keep in mind that when pulled off, the magnets may pull off the magnetic particles with them. Hence the eyeliner may need to be reapplied to that spot and allowed to dry completely before the magnets can stick to that spot again. This is especially important at the corners. IMPORTANT: Also, when the lashes are removed, the magnets will have eyeliner residue which will weaken the magnets. Clean them before continuing. Cleaning instructions at bottom of page.
  • If the positioning is correct but the middle section is sticking up, with one finger, push down gently on the middle part of the band.  
  • When done using the eyeliner, make sure to close the bottle tight enough to prevent premature drying of the liquid.


      Common Issues & Solutions

      • Lash edges keep coming off even after wearing several coats of eyeliner.

      One troubleshooting step would be to see; Is the lash band too long for your eyes and need trimming? If the magnets extend past your lashline, then the magnets won't be able to rest on the eyeliner properly. Trim the lashes, and if need be, cut off one of the magnets. Instructions for trimming are above.

      Another reason for this happening could be due to magnetic eyeliner coming off onto the magnets, which weakens the magnets. To resolve this issue, reapply the eyeliner on the edges of your lashline (paying attention to where to magnets stick), take off the lashes and follow the cleaning instructions below to clean the magnets. Before putting the lashes on the eyeliner again, make sure the eyeliner is completely dry especially on the edges. If the eyeliner is not completely dry, it will come off and transfer to the lash magnets again.



      Remove & Clean

      1. Pull off the lashes. Make sure not to pull on your natural lashes too.
      2. The magnets on the lashes will have magnetic particles from the eyeliner on them. These particles will act as a barrier and weaken the magnetic pull of the magnets. Hence, they must be cleaned.
      3. To do so, soak facial tissue or Cotton Swabs Tips (that do not leave residue) with makeup remover or oil-based makeup remover or oil or micellar water.
      4. Rub on the magnets until they are cleaned. It may help to use your nails through the tissue or plastic tweezers to scrap off more resilient eyeliner residue.
      5. After cleaning the lashes, place them in the storage box. Make sure to keep the lashes in the curved position while storing it in the box. This way they will keep their curve for the next application.
      6. Our eyeliner is highly pigmented, waterproof and made for longwear. They will not come off properly with water-based makeup removers. They must be removed with an oil-based makeup remover or oil.
      7. Coat the eyeliner with oil-based makeup remover by "patting" it on with clean fingers. Soak some cotton swabs in oil or oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. Wipe the eyeliner with the swabs to "erase" the eyeliner. Use more than 1 swabs if necessary. Rinse or use makeup wipe if needed. 



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