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USA Reviewers Offer

$20 Amazon Gift Card

We are excited to announce the launch of a new invention in the lash industry that will completely change your lash game: The Magic Liner.

You don't need gooey glue or difficult-to-use magnets to apply your lashes with The Magic Liner. It is an eyeliner pen that has adhesive properties to bond with your false lashes.

To apply the liner with lashes, clean your eyelids, line your eyes, let dry 30 seconds, apply your regular falsies on & done!

See it in action in the video below. Offer details follow below the video.


Offer Details

We cannot currently create discount codes. Hence the way this offer works is that you purchase 2 items on Amazon ($13 total), we compensate with a $20 Amazon Gift Card when you leave a review for each of the items.

Below are some requirements to be able to participate:
1. You need to have access to an account.
2. You need to be able to write product reviews using the Amazon account.

Got friends who might be interested? This is an open program - they can participate as well! However, for both your reviews to count, you both cannot be from the same household AND your friend must have their own separate Amazon account.

How to proceed

The 2 items you will purchase will be 1 of Lash'd Up Magic Liner and 1 of Lash'd Up False Eyelashes. The inclusion of the eyelashes is so you can use them with the Magic Liner. See the 3 different eyeliners and 2 different styles eyelashes you can pick by scrolling down this email. You can click on "Shop on Amazon" to see more images.

On Amazon, buy 1 of each eyeliner and eyelashes of your choice from the links below. Then wait for them to be delivered to try them on. If you do not like them or for any defects, let us know at the email address below. If you like them, write a review on Amazon. Once your review is live, let us know, we will compensate you with a $20 Amazon Gift Card. You also get to keep the items.

Once you place your order, please either reply to this email or send us an email at letting us know you are participating and your order#.


How to redeem

After writing the 2x 5-star reviews, one on the eyeliner & one on the eyelashes, the Amazon system will verify the review. Reviews must not contain any personal information. Reviews must be of the product being sold. Hence your review on the eyeliner must be mainly of the eyeliner, the review on the eyelashes must be mainly of the eyelashes. The verification will take up to 72 hours. If successful, your reviews will go live.

Once both your reviews are live, send us an email to let us know your reviews are live. Include the following information in your email:

1. Content or screenshots of both your 2 reviews.

2. Your order#.

3. The marketplace country where you made your purchase (, or


Email to:

Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.