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HOW TO APPLY - Magnetic lashes with 3mm Anchors & Tweezers

With tiny 3mm Anchors comes added comfort over larger anchors. However, they are difficult to apply with fingers. This is why these smaller anchors are to be applied using tweezers, which are also included in the packaging. 

If you purchased the 5mm or 7mm Anchors [5mm can be purchased from this link], tweezers are not included in the box as those sizes anchors are made to be applied using fingers for those who are more comfortable applying anchors with fingers. This page contains instructions on how to apply the 3mm anchors. Instructions for the 5mm or 7mm anchors can be found at this link.

1. Please set aside about 30 minutes to get the lashes on perfectly if this is your first time.

2. To avoid the "disconnect" between your natural lashes and your falsies, curl your natural lashes using eyelash curlers.

3. Start with clean hands. Greasy hands will make it hard to maintain a good grip on the tweezers.

4. To remove the lashes from the package, separate the magnets from the holder by sticking your nails between the magnet and the holder behind it. This ensures that the magnets don't get pulled off the lashes.

5. Like anything small, the bottom pieces are easily lost. Hence we recommend doing the application when sitting down at a table where if they fall, they will fall on the table. Ideally the table would have a bright surface so you can find the bottom pieces in case they fall. Lash'd Up now offers replacement 3mm anchors, which can be found here.

6. Trim any band that has no hairs attached that could poke you during wear. Then, position the lashes on your eyes to see how much additional trimming is needed. Using precision scissors, trim the lashes to your eye size. Careful not to cut off any magnets. Both edges of lashes are trimmable.

7. Watch the video below fully once to understand how the application process works. Then when ready, start the video from the beginning to start your application. How to remove instructions start at 5:08 in this same video.

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