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Read these instructions fully first and then start following the instructions.

Your Lash'd Up lash box contains two lash strips and four magnet strips - two bottom magnet strips for each lash. The bottom magnet strips are magnetized underneath the top lashes in the packaging. Because of the magnetism, the bottom lashes may still be attached to the top lashes and need to to pulled apart. If you ordered the 3-Magnets version, there will be 3 bottom magnet strips for each lash. The top lash has magnets facing downwards and the bottom lashes have magnets facing upwards.

If any of the pieces is missing or if magnets are not attracting to each other properly, please contact customer service at 

Be careful about where you are handling your bottom lashes as like everything small, they are easily lost. Especially around sinks. We recommend putting down a light-colored towel on your sink if you need to apply them near a sink, or better yet, to apply them sitting at a desk using a magnifying mirror. Keep scrolling down for instructions.

If you are getting tired of trying and it's not working, we advise to take a break and try again the next day when you're more relaxed. Once you get the hang of it, your application will take just seconds!

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Pro-tips: Please read all the way to the bottom once before proceeding with application

1. Before application, curl your natural lashes and apply some mascara to them. This gives some texture for the magnets to grip. Do not apply mascara to the false lashes as this will reduce their lifespan. Curling your lashes is especially recommended for our dramatic version of lashes to avoid the "droopy" look.

2. Wash your hands and fingers especially before handling the lashes. This is to make sure your hands and fingers are not greasy. Greasy fingers and hands cause less grip when handling lashes, causing a more frustrating application, and possibly cause the lashes to slip, fall, and getting lost.

3. Before application, bend the top lash band to get a nice curve to it so it follows the natural curve of your eyes. You can bend it as much as you need until you get a satisfactory curve. However, do not make too much of a dramatic curve as that will make the lashes stick up in the middle.

4. Important: To ensure your Lash'd Up magnetic eyelashes are applied as close to the lashline as possible: when following the instructions diagram below, firmly hold the top lash as close to the lashline as possible with one hand while bringing the bottom magnet strip up with the other hand so that they magnetize close to the lashline. Make sure that when bringing the bottom piece up, it is as close to the lashline as possible so that when they snap together, it happens close to the lashline. Do this by first focusing on keeping the bottom pieces low to prevent magnetization before you are ready. Keep the bottom piece low and bring it "inwards" close to your eyeball. When it is as close as possible to your eyeball, start bringing it up towards your lashline until it magnetizes with the top magnet.

5. Important: After magnetizing one corner of the eye but before magnetizing the second bottom lash strip, make sure the top lash is aligned with your lashline properly to your liking (no gaps, no sticking up, flat on the lashline). Press and Hold the top lash firmly in this position with one hand and then with the other bring the second bottom lash strip up to the second corner until they magnetize. Do not push the one corner towards the middle - this will result in a gap in the middle.

how to apply magnetic lashes lash'd up

4. With your fingers, push down on the middle section if it is sticking up so it sits flush to your lashline.  

5. For the 3-Magnets version, connect the middle magnets after connecting the 2 corners magnets.


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If there is any discomfort while wearing them, it could be due to one or all of the the following reasons:
-Your eyelids being stuck in-between the magnets. To rectify this situation, after applying them, gently pull up your eyelids with your fingers while holding down the magnets to release them from the magnets.
-Hairs poking your eye or the lash band being too long for your eyes. First, trim out any protruding band length on the two sides and any hairs that could have gotten bent and poking your eyes. If they still hurt, then trim the inner corner up to where the magnets start (do not cut off the magnets!). Similarly, trim the bottom pieces. If they still hurt, then also trim the outer edge up to the magnet (do not cut off the magnets!).
-Our 3-magnet versions may be uncomfortable for some wearers because of the band in the middle bottom section. Our 2-magnet lashes do not have lashes or a band in the middle bottom section. Having no band in the middle section underneath your lashes avoids the "worm in eye" feeling that having a band in that section gives (since that is the area of your eyesight). However the 2-magnet design may create "unevenness" due to the lack of bottom lashes in that middle section. Our 3-magnet lashes have the band in the middle section to keep the evenness, however they bring back the discomfort that full bottom lashes have. Discomfort with the 3-magnet lashes is similar to other brands, however the separated pieces makes application easier and it is easier to apply close to the lashline. To added benefit is also that you can only apply the 2 bottom magnets on the two corners for comfort and save the middle bottom piece.

How to remove:

To remove the lashes we recommend (with clean fingers) to gently rub the magnets sideways at the base with your thumb and index fingers until they detach. Removing them is also easier with the small bottom pieces since they only need to be removed one magnet at a time instead of both or all 3 at the same time as with other brands.

If you are unable to remove with the above method, we recommend to pull the lashes apart from each other when pulling them off, either by holding the lash hairs of each lash and pulling them upward at a 90 degree angle to your natural lashes without tugging downward on your natural lashes or, better yet, by grabbing on the band of each lash and pulling them apart from each other. Do not just pull the lashes downwards while still magnetized as this may rip off your natural lashes.


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